Tim Wells Info

TIM WELLS studied Drama and English (BA, HDE)at the University of Natal, Durban and began his theatre career with the (then )NAPAC Loft Theatre company in 1991.

He has freelanced since 1993 taking leading roles in many productions , both drama and musical. Highlights for Tim have been lead vocalist alongside Joseph Clark in “Suite Sting”, “The Piano Men” and “Concert Fever”. Drama productions include Maurice Podbrey's production of Michael Frayn's Copenhagen, Anthony Akerman's “Old Boys”, John van de Ruit's War Cry and Crooked, Kickstart's Popcorn and Oleanna(for which Tim was awarded Best Actor in 2008).

He has 3 albums of his own rock-pop material under his belt and ten songs from the three albums have been played on radio around the country over the eleven years since the first album's release in 1999(Fallen Through the Cracks produced by Nux Schwartz). Tim has also written material for TV and radio and for Joseph Clark's debut album “In Stream”. The Tim Wells Band performed in major venues and festivals in the late nineties and 2000 and has recently resurfaced and metamorphosed into the Tim Wells Blues Band.


Voice Artist

Since 1991, numerous voice - overs for radio advertising and corporate videos(appearance and voice), as well as voice - overs for T.V. (magazine programs and advertising). Provides voice overs for a number of marketing companies involved in providing internet based audio solutions for web sites and multimedia presentations.

Radio Ad Copywriter

Many years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the medium, providing voice overs for radio/tv advertising as well as formal drama training enables Tim to write effective copy for radio or television commercials.


Since 1993, free-lance experience in a variety of drama and musical production lead roles, including television and film productions.


In addition to commercial voice over work, Tim collaborates with fellow musicians on recoding projects for which he composes original material, most recently with the Tim Wells Blues Band.

From performing lead roles in musicals to lead singer in the "Tim Wells Band", Tim's singing repertoire covers a wide range of singing styles and music genres. Though primarily a singer, as musician, Tim plays rhythm acoustic guitar. 

Tim has written many songs some of which he recorded and released on his 1999 debut album "Fallen through the Cracks". Songs are published by Wellsound Music, formed in the late 90's and are still heard over the airwaves in South Africa.

Song-writing is a passion and Tim writes in a studio at his home.