Hold Tight

This solo album from singer /songwriter Tim Wells is produced by Colin Peddie, who orchestrated, arranged and executed all instrumentation. Timís background in theatre affords him vocal flexibility and range. Tim is therefore also no stranger to the live context and has performed as a guest vocalist with the KZN Philharmonic and at numerous other corporate events.

All vocal work on the album is executed by Tim, including the deconstructed movie-soundtrack type vignettes which serve to comment on an era bombarded by multi-faceted media forms.

The album self-professedly doesn’t take itself too seriously so there is plenty of light-hearted foot tapping, however the inspiration for the project is Tim’s late brother Christopher, an actor living and working in the UK who died after a brief battle against cancer in late 2005. Chris was known to perform as a guest in Tim’s band in the late 90’s and in 2000.

Guest performances on this album include viola from the inimitable Brendan Jury and guitar work from maestro Syd Kitchen. The material is varied and always distinctively melodic pop-rock.

Possible singles are: Breathe In, Make a Sound, Keep Moving, Radio, No Fear and the quirky track in the “hidden” section about one minute after track 12 ends, entitled “Jack”. For the regional station format, a safe airplay bet would even be “Drive On”.

Tim’s comment:
“Despite the fact that much of the material was written in a state of grief, there is a large life-affirmation ingredient in the album – songs like Make a Sound – a celebration of expression and freedom, Breathe In – a message of hope in moving onwards from grief…even the cheeky Get a Real Life – a stab at British upper-crust society and the follies of the Royal family. Keep Moving was written long before my brother became ill but its message of hope and inspiration has served to keep me moving!! A real favourite for me on the album, in keeping with its overall theme of dedication is No Fear. All in all, I want people to dance, to be moved, to laugh and share with their friends these songs created in love, to honour a great man.”

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